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RightHandOfFellowship.jpgAt Classen Blvd Baptist Church, we are thankful that the Corona Virus has not touched the members of our church directly.  But even so, some members have told us that the virus has affected some of their family members.  Several have died and others were hospitalized but eventually recovered, praise God.  But those survivors may never be the same again as the virus can scar the lungs.   Because of this, we ask our members to avoid physical contact with others here at church.   


These are unprecedented times and we pray it will pass very soon.  We are not comfortable withholding “the right hand of fellowship,” but none of us wish to harm anyone, either.  

And so, we must do the right thing.  You yourself may not be sick, but the person you are hugging can’t be certain of that.  A few of our members will be having surgery soon and are doing everything they can to avoid getting sick.


So…..    Please help us to practice “Social Distancing” when you are here at church.  And continue to pray for each other as we face uncertain days.


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